Principal's Message

A comprehensive panoramic cogent cogitation impels to express my gratitude and reverence to the supernatural invisible divinity who has rewarded the role of proliferating knowledge, instructions, directions, preaching, teaching and sharing views or opinions by adopting mutuality in space-time continuum as harbinger or source of dissipating attributive or abstract energy to illuminate ignorant souls for strengthening and thence establishing a sustainable global society while following the principles of VASUDHAIV KUTUMBKAM .

It is noteworthy, the School comprised of qualitative guild of teachers, imbibed with ethical values and material knowledge, devoted to the most responsible function of transforming the dream or vision of students, parents and human society. This herculean task demands determination ( resolute ) devotion, meditation, sublimity and righteousness of the souls. Therefore, each and every organ of the School is imbibed or equipped with all sorts of potentials, capabilities, efficiencies and attributes to create an ideal school and society based on righteous knowledge and righteous action.

" Amidst Vast but hollow Wide stretched darkening dark Intermittently interspersed Substantial, Sublime, serene Luminous dots,readily diffuse to Eliminate and decimate Submissive Darkening Dark "

Moreover, after circumspection of plethora of views, opinion, ideologies or philosophies derived or deduced from our predecessors’ observations and experiences, we made an endeavor to incorporate include and implement all the relevant elements which are required in contemporary context for the exponential growth of the school. The school while focusing on qualitative academic knowledge gives priority to multifarious development of each student and so all the essential infrastructures are availed to achieve the objective. A praiseworthy cooperation and mutuality of our parent’s , guardians, students, teachers and all others associated to the institutions enabled us to transform our vision ad projections into reality. Currently, the school has advanced and well equipped laboratories, computer lab, smart classes, sports cell, meditation cell, grievance cell and feedback cell for the comprehensive development of students and school in multitude.

Certainly, we are obliged to have an incessant flow of fervor, zeal, divine energy and harmony which escalates and projects its mode of functioning. We readily accept that we always expect of emerging as better than yesterdays and yester - years . Alongside, we expect similar cooperation and solidarity .

Mrs. Dharti Shrivastava